Katia Riquelme

Katia Riquelme was born in Viña del Mar, a coastal city bathed by the Pacific Ocean in Chile. Inspired by the vast horizon and warm dunes of her hometown, she traveled through Chile and her neighboring countries. This view of the South American continent gives a solid Latin identity propelling her to take further steps creating her own music. Her music has a touch of love for life, travel and the arts, especially painting and film, two parallel careers of the singer. Her lyrics are small and varied scripts: a crazy story of love "on the road" between Texas and Arizona that was previously painted in a colorful painting. This integration of the visual with the music gives a distinct personality to her 14 songs, which capture movement and scenes of everyday life, such as the lens of a camera, single instant in which we travel to different places. From these experiences, collected sounds and impressions of living and riding buses, trains, planes and boats by different countries, she found the inspiration to write her music. The stories told and sung by a velvety voice, written in Spanish and English are the sounds of a cosmopolitan energy that moves us forward positively. Her music is a spontaneous creation of making melodies, sometimes with different composers and musicians, other "a capella" channeled directly into her mind, without instruments or with the help of a piano or guitar to complete later in collaboration with musicians and producers. The universal message is "you better keep on moving" (you must move forward) sentence that starts the first track of the same name "Living in a Car": The times and activities taking place in the intimate space of the car and the inner journey that we take in, are also part of this album: a written musical journal with notes and drawings that have been captured and collected sounds and experiences of Katia living between the sea and the mountains in Chile, the sophisticated electronics of Stockholm in Sweden, the legendary California and the magical mosaic of the city of Los Angeles. A production that was done by creating a mix that leads to the sound of "traveling music". Mysterious, sensual and sometimes nostalgic, Riquelme has achieve a unique rock/pop approach to Latin Music.